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My experience with planning, design, renovation and new construction includes residential and hospitality architecture. I have successfully managing client  and consultant relationships, staffing,  Plan development, detailing and site design over more than twenty years. 


I have provided assistance on site and landscape planning projects where functionality and experiences of exterior space matter most. Traffic and pedestrian flow must work together to make livable spaces in cities and developments. 


I have significant exposure and experience in renovation and rehabilitation of small scale single family residences as well as larger commercial buildings Some of these projects include New York City brownstones, Cooperatives, urban Hotels and historic properties. 

Interior Design

Hospitality and Residential Interiors make up a significant share of my projects. These include model apartments, private homes,  multifamily condominium projects and five star luxury hotels . Hospitality projects are fascinating because they bring togther so many functions. A hotel is a residence, a place for recreation and relaxation,  a gathering place for business and conferences and for dining and leisure. All must work together to form a place that guests want to return to Together, my clients and I have developed concepts and developed designs that travelers are pleased to praise . 

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